10 reasons why St Lucia is the perfect Caribbean island

10 reasons why St Lucia is the perfect Caribbean island


In excess of 7,000 individual islands, including 13 sovereign countries and 12 conditions, make up the sun-doused Caribbean – so picking just one is a precarious assignment. Some St Lucia suit beachgoers, while others are made for experience.

  1. There’s the best view in the Caribbean

Barely any coastlines have been captured more than St Lucia’s stupendous south-west corner. The Pitons, a couple of rugged volcanic pinnacles that planes must skirt around to contact down at the island’s global airplane terminal, are instantly conspicuous – however very close they look incredible, similar to Hollywood’s CGI wizards have been let free. Attempt to discover settlement adjacent – it is anything but a view you’ll become sick of.

  1. What’s more, the most fantastic inn area possible

Each hotelier on the island must cast jealous eyes at Sugar Beach. Supported by thick forest and with its own strip of impeccable white sand (Anse Piton), it nestles against Petit Piton – with an almost sheer shake divider taking off from the property’s doorstep to the 739-meter summit – and boasts incredible perspectives of its older sibling, Gros Piton.

  1. There are fine sandy shorelines

In spite of the island’s volcanic roots, the sand on its shorelines is brilliant. Anse Piton is a contender for the best in the whole Caribbean – it doesn’t mind that they’ve deceived to some degree by bringing in fine white grains from Guyana. It is additionally, similar to all St Lucia’s shorelines, open to the general population (so you needn’t be a guest at Sugar Beach to appreciate the view).

  1. What’s more, life under the water

Roused by Blue Planet II? The reef at Anse Piton, near the surface so perfect for swimming, is home to an abundance of watery miracles. Hope to see sinister trumpetfish planning to trap tiddlers, reefs of little squid, dangerous moray eels sneaking inside the coral, gormless looking parrotfish, and scores of inquisitive needlefish.

  1. You can scale mountains

At 798 meters, it’s not really giant (England’s highest pinnacle, Scafell Pike, achieves 978 meters), yet the warmth and stickiness make the climb up Gros Piton a legitimate test – expect sore muscles and a John Wayne-style walk the following morning.

  1. What’s more, fly through the rainforest covering

For the individuals who need in excess of a tan from their vacation, St Lucia couldn’t be better. Around 77 for every penny of it is canvassed in forest (by correlation, the figure for neighboring Barbados is just 19 for each penny, while for Antigua it’s 22 for each penny). So get away from the shoreline and start investigating.

  1. It’s an impossible place for cycling

You won’t see numerous cyclists in St Lucia – the affinity for one-in-three slopes on its twisting, potholed paths see to that. In any case, there is a rough terrain choice. Just north of Anse Chastanet lies Anse Mamin, behind which you’ll discover the remaining parts of a sugar ranch.

  1. It’s paradise for chocolate darlings

Inn Chocolat, Britain’s poshest chocolatier, sources cocoa from its own manor on the island, the Rabot Estate close Soufriere. Since 2011 it has been home to a 14-room inn and restaurant, Boucan, where, obviously, chocolate includes intensely on the menu.

  1. There’s history

Pigeon Island, in the far north, disguises the vestiges of Fort Rodney, worked by the British in the eighteenth century and changed over into a US flag station in the Second World War.

  1. The welcome is warm

Hope to discover capricious characters in each corner, (for example, Cuthbert, the guide at Boucan who has a beguiling propensity for alluding to himself in the third individual), and a contacting and irresistible pride in the island’s verdure, farming, attractions, and savvy people (St Lucia has more Nobel Prize champs per capita than some other country).


There are islands for history buffs, naturalists, night owls and admirers of extravagance. St Lucia offers a tad bit of everything, making it the ideal choice for first-time guests to the locale.