Experts: Buying Homes in Vancouver Better Than Toronto

Experts: Buying Homes in Vancouver Better Than Toronto

Buying homes can be stressful, especially if you try do it yourself. There are things that you will not be sure of and things that you don’t know for sure. So, in this case, looking for an expert in this field can be very helpful for you. Look for the best real estate that will best suit your budget and still offer expert advice.

Experts in the real estate industry have said it is much better to invest in property in Vancouver than it is in key big cities like Toronto. This advice comes despite Vancouver MLS Listings for are being substantially higher than the majority of Canadian big cities. Click here to read more information.

Despite the property prices being chiefly more expensive on average, they are actually better if not on a par with Toronto for the first-time home buying market. It means that first-time buyers might actually find it’s easier to invest in Vancouver than in Toronto.

Experts: Buying Homes in Vancouver Better Than Toronto

Toronto first-time buyers average an investment of $425,000, where first-time buyers in Vancouver actually invest $420,000 and there is double the amount of condo resales in Vancouver as there are is in the east.

It has never been a secret that Vancouver property prices are high, but, apparently, it is still better than investing in Toronto properties, thanks, in part, to a number of reasons. Real estate firms will be quick to make a link with high property prices, ample green spaces, and living near to the ocean. The weather also plays a key role in bringing in potential viewers, investors, and buyers into the Vancouver property market.

There is also another tax feature which makes Vancouver more of a promising city to invest in a home in: Toronto charges two types of tax versus just the one in Vancouver—and it means you get to save money from the outset.

Selling property in Vancouver is very much easier than it is in Toronto—so invest in Vancouver. Just recently, one lucrative estate property listed at a selling price of $3 million sold for over $4 million. And, another home listed at $5.8 million was off the market in as little as 12 days when the winning bidder stumped up $8 million.

Let’s say you are a first-time buyer and wanted to buy a lucrative $250,000 property in Toronto, you would expect to pay around $6,000 (or more) in taxation fees, whereas Vancouver buyers, purchasing a similar property at the same price can expect to pay only around $4,000 in tax. And it’s even good for sellers too.

In many cases, the outstanding views, ample green spaces, vast waterways, and ocean location make homes in Vancouver easier to sell. This means that the investment prospects are far more desirable out in the west. So, it’s not just that Vancouver homes look easier on the eye—it’s the views that do too.

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